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Taungya has a fair idea of the likely nature of social, cultural and economic changes in the coming years and decades. These developments will no doubt be both positive and negative. Other changes will be value-neutral or combine aspects of both positive and negative elements. We intend to keep these likely developments in mind when planning any type of interventions.

Even if the process of globalization that is currently taking place is weakened or reversed in the near future, we feel that the CHT will still continue to be integrated into the Bangladeshi market at a very fast pace . This is because the CHT is still rich in natural resources.

Taungya intends to be a catalyst towards the articulation of the development perspectives of the people of the CHT and their views on indigenous culture and environment, among other things. Therefore, it is important that Taungya’s work has an impact on the greatest number of people possible. However, Taungya realizes that given the shortcomings of a voluntary organization, it will not be possible to be in direct contact with the entire population of the CHT. Therefore, the emphasis will be to combine efforts aimed at reaching the greatest number of people directly, through specific projects and dialogues, and through indirect means such as networking with other organizations and through its research and advocacy activities. Formal and informal publications will play a key role in this regard.


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